Making science work for development

About us

The UK Collaborative on Development Sciences (UKCDS) is a group of 14 UK government departments and research funders working in international development

A small coordinating team (the Secretariat) brings this group together with researchers and other key organisations to share knowledge and identify opportunities for collaboration.

By stimulating collaboration, UKCDS ensures the best science is funded and used to benefit international development, as well as the UK.


What we do

We bring people together

Real world challenges are complex and the research that helps address them rarely derives from a single discipline or funder. UKCDS is a collaborative. We work together to achieve our vision and add value to the area of international development. Bringing together stakeholders from funding, research and policy, we facilitate a more coordinated approach to research for international development.

We share knowledge

Connecting the research with a changing policy landscape ensures solutions are relevant both nationally and internationally.

We promote opportunities

Recognising the value of science and research, we help identify future research needs and provide a gateway to funding and job opportunities, as well as events and international development news.

Why we do it

The UK spends approximately £450m (c.0.03% GDP) a year on research directly relevant to international development.

The goal of UKCDS is to make the most of this investment.

The UK is one of the most productive, innovative and high quality research countries in the world, with an outstanding skills base. We have world class research institutions that use their knowledge and partner with scientists and policy makers in developing countries to address complex and challenging questions.

Who we are


Both the Board and Advisory Group are supported by a five person Secretariat led by Dr Marta Tufet.