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5th INCO Conference - Addressing Future Challenges

2 - 3 June 2014
Athens, Greece

The 5th INCO conference is scheduled to take place on June 2-3, 2014 in Athens, Greece. The venue of conference is the Divani Palace Acropolis which is located below the Acropolis, very close to the old quarter of Plaka, the brand new archaeological Museum of Acropolis and the well known Herodion theatre.

The main objective of the conference is to highlight the need for global cooperation for addressing common challenges to secure a better future. The conference will also host the annual meeting of the national INCO experts as well as a special training session on international research collaboration.

This year’s regional focus will be the European Neighborhood while most of the conference sessions will have a global focus. Discussions will address critical issues such as the future of research in relation to the global challenges lying ahead in order to acquire insight for future coordinated actions. To this end, invited speakers from worldwide organizations funding research will share their experiences, best practices and obstacles.

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