Making science work for development

Heritage and Global Challenges Workshop

06 October 2017

The GCRF Delivery Partners have recently launched the UK Strategy for the Global Challenges Research Fund, which outlines the Delivery Partners’ vision for GCRF over the lifetime of the fund (2016-2021). It focusses specifically on how GCRF will contribute to realising the ambitions of the UK aid strategy and to making progress on the global effort to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Culture and Heritage are now understood to play an integral role in both enabling and drivinginternational development and to be central to meeting the SDGs. However, there is unequal knowledge across the UK Heritage Research community regarding GCRF, the SDGs and how heritage research might contribute to them.

This workshop aims to explore the intersections and relevance of heritage research to the GCRF research agenda, supported by case study presentations by GCRF-funded heritage researchers and relevant RCUK representatives.

The workshop will focus specifically on:

  • Designing challenge-led and interdisciplinary heritage research;
  • Strengthening capacity for challenge-led heritage research in the UK and developing countries;
  • Addressing development needs: embedding ODA compliance within heritage research.

The workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about GCRF’s strategy and the OECD ODA guidelines;
  • Engage with GCRF themes;
  • Share their research alongside other researchers involved with GCRF projects and address some of the opportunities and challenges of GCRF funding;
  • Form new networks and partnerships between and across institutions and the heritage sector;
  • Develop research agendas in line with GCRF aims;
  • Contribute to discussions which will shape future funding calls in this area.