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Reducing maternal, neonatal and infant mortality as a means to achieving SDGs in Africa

7 February
Online Webinar

Join the webinar on "Reducing maternal, neonatal and infant mortality as a means to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in Africa” taking place on Wednesday, 7th of February at 10.00 GMT / 13.00 EAT. To register your participation, click here.

John Nyamu, National Coordinator at Reproductive and Maternal Health Consortium-Kenya and Dr Kacou Pierre KONAN / OIC, Technical Specialist MH-RHCS, United Nations Population Fund will offer first hand insight into:

  • Improving access to basic provision from clinic to community, including education and workforce preparation
  • Strengthening health systems to collect high-quality data in order to respond to the needs and priorities of women and girls
  • Promoting gender-sensitive health systems, policy and practices
  • Traversing the gap between communities, health systems and governments

Who Should Attend? 

Senior representatives from ministries of health, heads of key health-related public institutions, UN agencies, donors, procurement agencies, NGOs, healthcare associations, healthcare research and development institutes, investors and the private sector(healthcare, rapid testing, vaccines, cold chain, nutrition, bio tech, medical devices, telemedicine, technology, UAV etc companies). 

In particular directors of healthcare/maternal and child health programmes, financing, science and technology, innovation, partnerships, research, trade and collaboration, sustainable development, will benefit from this webinar.