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Seminar on War, Fear, Empathy and Music

22 - 23 July 2017

Musicians without Borders (MwB) is a pioneer in the use of music for reconciliation, community building and healing for people suffering from the effects of war and armed conflict. The organization has implemented successful long-term projects in the Balkans (Kosovo, Bosnia-Herzegovina), the Middle East (Palestine), Central East Africa (Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania) and Europe (Northern Ireland), training more than 250 local musicians and talented youth as music workshop leaders.

This two-day seminar will introduce the philosophical, theoretical and experiential basis for MwB’s work and mission in using music to connect communities, bridge divides and heal the wounds of war. MwB’s founder and director, Laura Hassler, project manager and music therapist Chris Nicholson (Rwanda) and assistant trainer Amanda Koser-Gillespie (Northern Ireland) will speak on how community music and music therapy is applied within their projects in current and post-conflict regions. They will be joined by Angela Impey (Convenor, MA Music in Development) and other researchers who will speak to the relevance of cultural listening and explore how music is used in different contexts as a medium for self-representation, as political testimony, and as a catalyst for social change.