Making science work for development

“Somebody else’s problem?” Is responsibility for impact slipping between institutional mandates?

On 8 April the UKCDS Secretariat, in coordination with Innovations for Poverty Action, held a meeting with NGOs, funders and researchers to discuss who should bear responsibility for driving impact from research for international development.

Everyone involved in academic research for international development wants to have impact. But with conflicting pressures on time and money, misaligned incentives and skills gaps, on the ground it can be unclear whose responsibility it actually is to seek scale and influence from research, what it will take or who will fund this work.

Speakers included:

  • Annie Duflo, Executive Director of Innovations for Poverty Action.
  • Kirsty Newman, Head of DFID’s Evidence Into Action team.
  • Anuj Bhatt, Innovation and Skills Programme Manager at BBSRC.

You can download the presentations shown at the event and a short summary report.  

Kirsty Newman also wrote a blog about her presentation: "Unintended consequences: When research impact is bad for development".

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