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UK government outlines its work to stop the illegal trade of wildlife

6 February 2014

The UK government has released a report outlining its committment to ending the illegal wildlife trade. The document summarises the work the UK is doing with its international partners, and here in the UK, to achieve this.

The UK's focus is on improving enforcement, reducing demand for products and supporting sustainable livelihoods and economic development in the communities affected.

According to the report, "The trade in illegal wildlife products has serious consequences for the environment, threatening the future survival of many species. It is also a serious criminal industry worth billions of pounds every year, driving corruption and insecurity and undermining efforts to cut poverty and develop sustainable economic opportunities.

"Reflecting the breadth of issues involved, a range of UK Government Departments have a part to play in fighting this trade. The global nature of the illegal wildlife trade means that the UK government must collaborate with a wide range of other Governments and organisations."

You can read the report, and more information about it, by clicking here.

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