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What's happening in Sci4Dev this week? 12/01/2018

Sam Gyimah has replaced Jo Johnson as Science and Universities Minister. Image: Flickr
11 January 2018

Announcements and News

  • Sam Gyimah has replaced Jo Johnson as Science and Universities Minister for BEIS and DfE in the Cabinet reshuffle. Harriett Baldwin has replaced Rory Stewart as Minister for Africa for DFID and the FCOThe Guardian
  • Wellcome Trust, MRC and NIHR funded research shows that investing in medical research yields healthy returns, as every £1 invested delivers a return equivalent to 25p every year - Wellcome Trust
  • BBSRC funded research has discovered that E. coli bacteria could hold the key to an efficient method of capturing and storing or recycling carbon dioxide, which could contribute to slowing down global warming - BBSRC
  • AHRC and ESRC have launched the Migration Leadership Team, which will engage in a series of ‘Global Migration Conversations’ with researchers, policy-makers, practitioners, migrants associations and arts organisations, with a focus on interdisciplinarity - AHRC


Reports and events

Other news and interesting links

  • Managing automation: Developing countries could suffer – Video by Al-Jazeera
  • Will Liberia's change of leader put aid flows at risk? - Reuters
  • Ethiopian herders get automated weather stations - SciDevNet
  • A new approach to global poverty: Measuring absolute and relative income - VoxDev
  • Upending humanitarianism: questions emerging 'from the ground up' - ODI
  • Emma Rosen