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What's happening in Sci4Dev this week? 30/06/2017

European Space Agency - Great Barrier Reef
30 June 2017

Announcements and News

  • DFID is recruiting a new Chair and Vice-Chair for its independent expert Research Advisory Group – DFID
  • Government pledges to help improve access to UK markets for world’s poorest countries post-Brexit –
  • UK government publishes proposals on rights of EU citizens – FCO
  • BBSRC announces the appointment of Professor James Naismith to the role of Director of the Research Complex at Harwell – BBSRC
  • A study of articles linked to EPSRC funding affirms the high quality and productivity of researchers supported by the organisation - EPSRC   
  • UK takes centre stage in global marine protection – DEFRA
  • Renewed commitment to Japanese global health fund –Wellcome


Reports and events

Other news and interesting links

  • Spinach soup, gorillas and cow dung baskets – what’s the connection? - IIED
  • Scientists at work: bridging the divide between development and conservation in Cambodia – The Conversation
  • The power of a billion – India’s genomics revolution – BBC News
  • Lasers light up India-UK collaboration - RCUK
  • The public needs the bigger picture for UK aid to survive – Bond
  • Does the Daily Mail’s criticism of aid matter? – The Guardian
  • Winners of the ESRC 2017 Celebrating Impact Prize announced – ESRC




  • Annelise Andersen