Making science work for development

Evidence Live 2017

21 - 22 June 2017

The aim is to facilitate the creation of a manifesto that is developed by people engaged at all points in the research ecosystem who want to engage in fixing the problem, including above all patients and the public who indirectly fund but are directly affected by the outputs of the current system.

This first draft was written by members of the evidence live team and is an extension of the critique and solutions that were first reported in The BMJ article, “Evidence based medicine: a movement in crisis” 25 and the editorial,  “How medicine is broken, and how we can fix it.” 26

There are three basic principles which are core to this manifesto, and to the action plan that will follow: transparency, education and partnership. These are essential for creating effective long term practice and policy changes for the betterment of healthcare. Importantly many actions outlined in this draft manifesto will require a new generation of leaders equipped with the skills to develop and communicate high quality evidence and eradicate poor research and publication practices.