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Go International 2017: In for the count

25 April

The number of students going abroad as part of their UK higher education programme is increasing year on year; but how do universities ensure that mobility is for all?

Several institutions have made bold statements about what they hope to achieve – and made steady progress toward those goals. 

Mobility now features prominently in many universities' international strategies, together with a desire for mobility portfolios to be more inclusive and diversified.

Go International 2017 will explore strategic approaches to increasing the reach of mobility to all who can benefit. 

'In for the Count' will look at participation rates and good practice in expanding activities to underrepresented groups, subjects, activities and destinations.

Themes will include:

  • opportunities for universities to grow and diversify their mobility offers; 
  • ways to reach and support underrepresented groups; and 
  • approaches to accurately recording take-up of mobility across the institution.