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Reuse, Remanufacture and Recycle: The Future for Circular Economy, Reducing Food Waste and Improving Resource Efficiency

08 JUNE 2017

The forum will consider the future policy priorities to ensure the UK is moving towards a zero-waste society through innovation and incentives for businesses to adopt a Circular business model. It will allow delegates to participate in discussions about how to stop value leaking from the economy through reuse, remanufacture and resource efficiency as well as to reduce environmentally harmful waste.

The forum will explore the economic opportunities in creating a circular economy and is set to discuss the recommendations from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee's recently concluded Food Waste Inquiry. Delegates will discuss ways in which we can avoid the 8 million tonnes of food worth £16 billion from being wasted and potential for creating more energy from waste through methods such as anaerobic digestion. Further sessions will consider what the rest of the UK can learn from Scotland's 2016 strategy Making Things Last: A Circular Economy Strategy for Scotland which highlighted the need to implement a circular approach in key sectors such as Energy, Electricals, Food and Drink, Household Waste, Construction and manufacturing.