Making science work for development

Social Protection short course 2017

12 - 15 June

The Centre for Social Protection (CSP) is pleased to announce the fourth round of the short course 'Social Protection: policies, programmes and evidence'. This 4-day course focuses on getting you up to speed with current knowledge, evidence and practice of social protection. It offers a unique opportunity for policy makers, practitioners and researchers to broaden their knowledge base and gain critical insight into the most recent thinking about social protection.

Course content

The course is organised around thre different themes, and tackles distinct topics within those themes.

Theme 1: Building a knowledge base of social protection

  • Models of social protection
  • Social protection instruments
  • Institutional and regional approaches to social protection

Theme 2: Designing and implementing social protection programmes

  • Targeting social protection
  • Delivering social protection
  • Social protection systems

Theme 3: Evidence of what works in social protection

  • Current evidence on social protection
  • Monitoring social protection
  • Evaluation and policy analysis

These topics will be complemented with topical issues in social protection, which could include urban social protection, social protection and graduation and gender- and child-sensitive social protection. Case studies and examples will primarily be drawn from experiences in low-income countries.