Making science work for development

Making science work for development

UKCDS members collaborate when funding research in similar topics or around multidisciplinary problems. The UKCDS Secretariat works on improving the processes of science funding, uptake and communications, and runs a group on capacity strengthening, to maximise the impact of UK research in development.

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Funding and collaboration

By identifying gaps and promoting opportunities, UKCDS wants to encourage more UK researchers to consider how their skills could be applicable to developing countries and how their research could become internationally recognised.

The UKCDS Secretariat arranges discussions between all who are interested in international development, including government departments and research funders, hoping to raise the profile of development challenges among a wide range of groups, including engineers, and arts and humanities researchers. This is done by fostering communication networks, providing thematic briefings and holding events at which researchers can hear from funders. The Secretariat is also exploring how UK research institutions can provide assistance in projects funded by multilateral and regional banks.

The UKCDS Secretariat is also the National Contact Point for International Cooperation calls in the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme.

If you have any questions about Funding and collaboration, then please feel free to contact Robin Toomey
12 August 2013
The Framework Programme is the EU’s main way of funding collaborative, research and development across different countries. The Framework Programme (FP) is the EU’s primary funding mechanism for...
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5 August 2013
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10 April 2013
In a recent comment article for Research Fortnight, UKCDS Director, Dr Andrée Carter, discusses how too few of the UK’s researchers see the potential of working in and with the emerging scientific...
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  • Funding and collaboration
13 March 2013
The Secretariat prepared a paper in consultation with a number of key stakeholders to explore the opportunities for UK research institutions to increase their involvement in projects and programmes...
4 December 2012
Representatives from some of the world’s main health research funders attended a ‘town hall’ style meeting organised by UKCDS in London on 4 December 2012. Facilitated by Andrée Carter, Director of...
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