Making science work for development

Making science work for development

UKCDS members collaborate when funding research in similar topics or around multidisciplinary problems. The UKCDS Secretariat works on improving the processes of science funding, uptake and communications, and runs a group on capacity strengthening, to maximise the impact of UK research in development.

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24 April 2014
22 April 2014
The ‘Societal Challenges’ subset of the European Commision's Horizon 2020 programme has a number of calls where international collaboration is actively sought. The UKCDS Secretariat is the National...
11 April 2014
Evidence-informed decision-making requires excellent and rigorous research, but also evidence that can be understood and used. In the field of capacity building there is an increasing focus on...
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28 September 2013
This note provides a summary of information from UKCDS’ meeting with Lisa Reilly of the European Interagency Security Forum (EISF). It highlights the work of EISF and provides guidance on questions...
27 September 2013
Risk Assessment – Legal Duties on Employers UK Health and Safety legislation (the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (“The Regulations”)) requires that a suitable and sufficient risk...
  • Making science work for development
26 September 2013
In September 2011 the UKCDS Secretariat held a two-day workshop on research capacity strengthening at the Wellcome Trust.  The workshop brought together the UKCDS Research Capacity Strengthening...
20 September 2013
The following links may also be of use to research organisations that wish to improve risk assessments or the ability of their staff to improve their own safety awareness: The DuPont Bradley Curve –...
  • Making science work for development