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Natural disasters

Natural hazards destroy lives and livelihoods, and create significant economic damage across the globe.

UKCDS member organisations fund research that will help to make informed decisions on actions to reduce their impacts. By bringing UK funders together with other stakeholders, the UKCDS Secretariat promotes the sharing of information and facilitates multidisciplinary approaches to address the complex challenges that natural disasters present.

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Research for disaster risk reduction

The UKCDS Secretariat convenes a Disasters Research Group (DRG), which brings together UK research funders and experts linked to international initiatives. The DRG has been regularly convened since 2009 to promote coordination, networking and collaboration opportunities at the UK and international level.

Through bringing people together, the DRG aims to:

  • share information on UK funding activities and encourage collaboration between its members and others, where appropriate;
  • provide funders, research providers and users with readily available and relevant information on research gaps and foci;
  • develop and recommend processes to facilitate and sustain research uptake across multiple user communities;
  • provide funders, research providers and users with readily accessible and relevant knowledge resources and tools for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR); and
  • influence the international research and innovation agenda for DRR.

 More information on the DRG is available in the Terms of Reference.

If you have any questions about Research for disaster risk reduction, then please feel free to contact Sheila Mburu
1 July 2010
In October 2010, UKCDS co-hosted a one-day conference to coincide with the UN International Day for Disaster Reduction Research. The event brought together over 150 NGOs, researchers and policy to...
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