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Natural disasters

Natural hazards destroy lives and livelihoods, and create significant economic damage across the globe.

UKCDS member organisations fund research that will help to make informed decisions on actions to reduce their impacts. By bringing UK funders together with other stakeholders, the UKCDS Secretariat promotes the sharing of information and facilitates multidisciplinary approaches to address the complex challenges that natural disasters present.

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Latest updates

26 February 2013
In June 2012, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA) published a report on the ‘Use of Science in Humanitarian Emergencies and Disasters’ (the SHED report).  The report identified six...
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4 February 2013
Following the publication of the Foresight report on Reducing Risk of Future Disasters in November 2012, the DRG was invited to contribute to the follow-up activities by detailing and prioritising...
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27 November 2012
The use of science to reduce the effects of future natural hazards such as floods, droughts and earthquakes must be stepped up and adopted more widely, according to a new Foresight report published...
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8 October 2012
Following its publication, UKCDS was requested to provide a secretariat to implement the findings from the SHED report. This activity consists of three main elements: Identifying emerging...
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13 July 2012
In June 2011, Andrew Mitchell, the Secretary of State for International Development, asked Sir John Beddington to improve the Government's use of science in both predicting and preparing for...
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3 July 2012
Disaster risk management in the post-2015 international policy landscape – In July 2012, UKCDS in collaboration with ODI ran a workshop for stakeholders to come together to identify opportunities to...
1 May 2011
NERC, DFID, AHRC and EPSRC, members of the UKCDS working group on disasters, funded a review in 2011 of international funding support for research on the societal impacts of natural hazards, with a...
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