Making science work for development

Landscape analysis

Our Research Landscape analysis work aims to understand current trends and future priorities in research for development. Our members recognise that mapping and analysis is required to ensure the UK is investing in the right way to ensure maximum impact on development outcomes.


The activities take place across two areas:

  • Mapping, foresight and analysis on research landscapes and systems
  • Analysis of the UK's role in research for development

What we do:

UKCDS works with members and partners across the globe to:

  • Identify trends affecting the research for development landscape
  • Understand push and pull factors affecting research for development
  • Identify major funders and funding trends in thematic areas such as agriculture

UKCDS Outputs:

  • CGIAR mapping work to be published soon.
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Latest updates

22 December 2014
This report summarises the themes of discussion at an international workshop in February 2014 on the role of science in ‘good-enough’ disaster risk assessment. UKCDS, in partnership with the...
19 November 2014
UKCDS is helping to compile a database that will list all academic research relevant to the current Ebola crisis in West Africa. At the request of the Wellcome Trust, which itself is funding a number...
  • Landscape analysis
  • Global health
  • Health and development
  • Natural disasters
28 May 2014
As described in the last engineering update, the UKCDS Secretariat has been working with DFID to map the engineering for development research base. This mapping analysed who was winning competitive...
  • Landscape analysis
  • Energy and engineering
15 May 2014
UKCDS is aiming to keep members and stakeholders aware of the international negotiations towards the UN's post-2015 sustainable development goals and targets. The Secretariat is therefore maintaining...
  • Landscape analysis
  • Post 2015
UNOPS, Russell Watkins_DFID
17 June 2014
On 29 May, UKCDS partnered with the Royal Academy of Engineering to host a roundtable for UK funders and research leaders to discuss the future opportunities in engineering research for international...