Making science work for development

Landscape analysis

Our Research Landscape analysis work aims to understand current trends and future priorities in research for development. Our members recognise that mapping and analysis is required to ensure the UK is investing in the right way to ensure maximum impact on development outcomes.


The activities take place across two areas:

  • Mapping, foresight and analysis on research landscapes and systems
  • Analysis of the UK's role in research for development

What we do:

UKCDS works with members and partners across the globe to:

  • Identify trends affecting the research for development landscape
  • Understand push and pull factors affecting research for development
  • Identify major funders and funding trends in thematic areas such as agriculture

UKCDS Outputs:

  • CGIAR mapping work to be published soon.
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Latest updates

10 April 2013
In a recent comment article for Research Fortnight, UKCDS Director, Dr Andrée Carter, discusses how too few of the UK’s researchers see the potential of working in and with the emerging scientific...
  • Landscape analysis
  • Making science work for development
  • Funding and collaboration
26 February 2013
In June 2012, the Government Chief Scientific Adviser (GCSA) published a report on the ‘Use of Science in Humanitarian Emergencies and Disasters’ (the SHED report).  The report identified six...
  • Landscape analysis
  • Natural disasters
19 February 2013
On 19 February 2013 UKCDS and the Royal Academy of Engineering co-hosted a roundtable for academics in engineering research for development. Chaired by UKCDS Board Member Professor John Perkins, this...
  • Capacity
  • Landscape analysis
  • Energy and engineering
4 December 2012
Representatives from some of the world’s main health research funders attended a ‘town hall’ style meeting organised by UKCDS in London on 4 December 2012. Facilitated by Andrée Carter, Director of...
  • Landscape analysis
  • Global health
  • Health and development
  • Making science work for development
  • Funding and collaboration
1 September 2012
The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) is an international network for agricultural research. It comprises 15 globally distributed research centres which receive...
  • Collaboration
  • Landscape analysis
  • Food security