Making science work for development

Making it happen: brokering the future opportunities in engineering research for international development

12 March 2015

Since the May 2014 workshop, two UKCDS staff have been working closely with the DFID Growth and Climate, Energy and Water research teams to broker relationships with other funders around potential research programmes on transport, and sustainable energy.

The Secretariat produced a focused mapping on DFID transport research which was discussed at the October 2014 DFID Research Advisory Group meeting, and both staff members have been using their networks to facilitate meetings with EPSRC, DECC, Innovate UK, and DfT.

These brokering roles – exploring opportunities for funders to work together – draw explicitly on the understanding of funders’ priorities and constraints built through the discussions, workshops and mapping work that have preceded them.

If/when these research programmes are approved, there will be direct outcomes to announce. Until then, the work continues….

  • Landscape analysis
  • Energy and engineering
  • Ian Thornton

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