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EU Horizon 2020: International Cooperation Opportunities

22 April 2014

The ‘Societal Challenges’ subset of the European Commision's Horizon 2020 programme has a number of calls where international collaboration is actively sought. The UKCDS Secretariat is the National Contact Point for international cooperation and we have consolidated the calls that have this feature into a single spread sheet in order to make it easier to navigate through the vast number of calls on offer.

In this spread sheet each Societal Challenge has its own tab at the bottom, but we recommend readers read through all seven categories due to the way that the challenges have been set out. The European Commission has tried to be less prescriptive than in previous years in terms of the topic, and has now set headline challenges to encourage researchers to think ‘How could my research contribute to a solution?’ In this way, the calls have been organised not by classical subject divisions, but instead they look for interdisciplinary approaches to tackling some of Europe, and the world’s biggest questions.

For more information on the Horizon 2020 calls read our blog, Horizon 2020: International Cooperation opportunities.

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