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Priorities, priorities

31 July 2015

Priorities, priorities

The Secretariat’s work bringing together UK health funders with interests in international development continues. We have been involved in discussions about the shape of the Fleming Fund: £195m of Overseas Development Assistance money supporting infectious disease surveillance and systems to counter the growing threat of Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR).

AMR, along with the burden of Non-Communicable Diseases, and epidemic preparedness are emerging as key priorities in 2015/16.

Following the election of a new Government in May, a new Comprehensive Spending Review has just begun, with submissions in by 4 September and high level results expected on 25 November. The process of clarifying budgets within Departments, and within organisations like the Research Councils is expected to continue into early 2016. So, at the moment, research funders are focused on defining their priorities, whatever the financial outcome for their organisation.

The exact scientific priorities remain to be seen, yet it is clear that UK research funders continue to play a leading role in improving global health, as highlighted in a recent APPG Global Health report. UKCDS will continue to facilitate discussions with funders and key stakeholders to identify how UK research can help save lives and improve the health of poor people in developing countries.  

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