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EU-Africa HLPD to focus on food security and nutrition

24 April 2014

The Bureau of the EU-Africa High Level Policy Dialogue (HLPD) on Science, Technology and Innovation has chosen to focus on food and nutrition security, and sustainable agriculture. The initiative aims to establish long-term joint funding instruments and foster the research collaboration of EU and African scientists.

UKCDS represents the BIS International Knowledge and Innovation Unit on the Bureau, a panel of representatives from science or education ministries from 10 EU and African countries, co-chaired by the EU and African Union Commission representatives.

The EU-Africa HLPD meeting in November 2013 produced a conclusions and a "way forward" document, both of which you can find here

A group of ten EU and African experts (including Professor Jeff Waage of the London International Development Centre) has now been identified to produce a research road map that takes account of the many existing initiatives and programmes in both regions, their terms of reference can be seen here. The group will consider the role of the private sector (see the report of the high level debate of the EU Africa Business Forum on ‘Innovation Serving Food and Nutrition Security in Europe and Africa’), other key groups such as civil society and NGOs and the need to build research capacity at all levels and in both regions. The HLPD will work alongside the group who will report in early 2015.

The group had its first meeting on 31 March. You can read more about the meeting and the expert group on the Africa-Eu Partnership website

In the European Commission, this science and innovation initiative is led by the Directorate General (DG) for Research and Innovation but brings together interests from DG Agriculture and DG Development. The main EU funding instrument will be the Horizon 2020 programme, from which the UKCDS Secretariat has created a list of all funding calls involving international cooperation which you can see here.

For more information on the recent Joint Africa EU Heads of States Summit and the resulting roadmap for 2014-2017 see here.

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