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SMEs and clean energy for emerging markets presentations

On 29 September UKCDS hosted a workshop to discuss how UK businesses can can help drive climate-resilient growth in emerging economies. Here you can find the presentations from the event.
For full coverage of the event see the event coverage page.
The agenda went as follows:
Welcome Address
Danielle Gent (LCEDN/DECC)
Andrée Carter (UKCDS)
Session 1: What and Where are the Global Opportunities?
Chair: Andrée Carter
Chris Bagley (Knowledge Transfer Networks Ltd.) – ‘Scene setting and overview of opportunities in non-traditional markets’
Frans van den Heuvel (solarcentury) and Tessa Kipping (SolarAid) –‘A success story: spreading solar in emerging markets’
Session 2: Innovation and Energy Services for Emerging Economies
Chair: Janet Geddes (Innovate UK)
Stephen Crosher(X-wind) – ‘Resilient Intelligent Community Energy’
Daniel Becerra (Buffalo Grid) – ‘BuffaloGrid - Electrical power and internet connectivity as service to the off grid world’
John Hingley(Renovagen) — ‘Fast Deployment of PV Micro-Grids for Remote Off-Grid Communities, Industries and in Disaster Relief Scenarios’
Session 3: Panel on accessing finance and support services
Chair: Nicola Doetzer, DECC
Seb Meaney, DFID
Simon Desjardins, Shell Foundation
Ian Callaghan, Enclude Capital Advisory
Nigel Peters, Aid Funded Business Network (British Expertise)
Discussion and Q&A
Session 4: Energy Services for Emerging economies: on the ground realities
Chair: Danielle Gent, LCEDN/DECC
Meera Shah (Shell Foundation) — ‘Meeting the energy needs of low-income consumers: lessons from the field’
Mary Roach (GSMA MECS) — ‘Lessons from early pioneers in the mobile-enabled energy sector’
Johnnie Andringa (Gaia Wind) —‘Distributed generation with small wind turbines’
Chhavi Sharma (Ashden) – ‘The Ashden perspective: making clean energy available, affordable and aspirational’
Divyesh Thakkar  (Sunlite-Solar)  'Introducing Innovative Renewable Technologies (Solar) in the Humanitarian & Aid Sector Through Effective PPPs'
Session 5: How can the research and evidence community support the activities of
SMEs working in emerging economies?
Chair: Jon Cloke (LCEDN)
Elly White (SolarAid) — ‘Pico-solar lights: exposure, uptake and impact’
Malcolm McCulloch (Oxford Energy) —‘Innovation synergies: Need - Ideas – Deployment’
Leanne Jones and Alistair Wray (DFID) – ‘DFID energy research priorities’
Closing Remarks
Andrée Carter (UKCDS)