Making science work for development

“Somebody else’s problem?” Is responsibility for impact slipping between institutional mandates?

On 8 April the UKCDS Secretariat jointly organised with Innovations for Poverty Action a meeting with NGOs, funders and researchers to discuss who should bare responsibility for driving impact from research for international development.

Here you can find a summary report of the event and the presentations from the three speakers. Kirsty Newman wrote a blog to explain her presentation in a little more detail: "Unintended consequences: When research impact is bad for development".

The event featured

  • Annie Duflo, Executive Director of Innovations for Poverty Action - talking about building partnerships between practitioner NGOs, foundations, policy-makers and academics to ensure that development programmes are based on sound evidence.
  • Kirsty Newman, Head of DFID’s Evidence Into Action team - speaking briefly about what they do to support innovation, knowledge exchange, and influence from the work they fund.
  • Anuj Bhatt, Innovation and Skills Programme Manager at BBSRC - explaining BBSRC's strategy for incentivising impact and describe their Fostering Innovation competitions.
  • Open discussion amongst the participants to identify who should take responsibility for driving impact for research programmes on international development and what models work.