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Workshop on health systems research in low and middle income countries - Introduction

The UKCDS secretariat recently organised an important international workshop, Health systems research in low and middle income countries:  the role of global health research funders in the UK, on behalf of our members MRC, Wellcome Trust, DFID and ESRC. Held at the Wellcome Trust on 13 and 14 December 2011, and attended by over 70 participants, its objectives were to: 

  • Consider how the UK might best focus its resources to make a difference to the global health systems research field.
  • Inform possible future funding strategies through discussion of best practice in interdisciplinary health systems research, including methodological approaches and links with policy and practice. 

Attended by key experts in the field, the workshop brought together funders, policy-makers and researchers from a range of countries to share their experiences and how the UK can capitalise on best practice in the future.

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